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About Us

We are 123DESIGNS. We are a design engineering team dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.

We focus on new product development and production of consumer products & electronics. We seek to partner with entrepreneurs poised for growth. Our clients are typically small to medium sized business seeking project based support, or startup businesses needing turn-key engineering solutions.

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  • Be Best

    Good design has the power to convince a consumer of their need for the product.

    Better design will speak to your emotions.

    The BEST design can sit next to the competition on a store shelf and demand twice the price, without any difference in functionality.

  • Investing in YOU

    123DESIGNS maintains a pool of cash to fund clients moving into manufacturing. We can help you raise investments from other sources as well. Yes manufacturing is expensive, and yes you can raise enough money to do it yourself instead of licensing your idea away.

  • Making Ideas Reality

    We begin each project establishing a "vision match" with the client to ensure we understand the project goals, and that the client knows what to expect. Together we will establish the complete design concept which includes not only the shape, but also the colors, materials, manufacturing processes, and performance expectations.

  • Volume Produciton

    We have the domestic and international contacts to source all of your manufacturing, assembly, and packaging needs. 123DESIGNS will collect bids, review contracts, and connect you with the best suppliers. We also offer post project manufacturing support for all clients, even if the project ended months ago.

  • Functional Prototypes

    We will 3D print, hand craft, or source your prototype components. Once all of the components are collected, we will assemble and inspect the prototype before shipping it to you. You can use your prototype for market feedback, photography, and performance testing. Many of our clients use their prototypes in their Kickstarter funding videos.

  • Design is important

    Everything around you is designed purposefully. Some focus on function, like a hammer. Others explore form, like jewelry. In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, most products place an emphasis on both. We certainly do.

  • Injection molding Expert

    There is still a great future in plastics, especially if you intend to make more than 500 units of your product. We can prepare your CAD design for molding, and link you into mass manufacturers.


We share the hopes and dreams about your product's success. Together we can pave the path to success


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We are ready to make your product ideas a reality. Project setup is free. We guarantee results.


Your product delivered digitally


Build, Test, Perfect


Gain customers & investors


Turn your product into profits


Collaborate with creative industrial designers & engineers on your product. We will show you a variety of concepts to choose from, and itterate until we have a vision match.


Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents are filed through our partner law firm. 123DESIGNS acts as your technical reviewer and provides patent artwork. Your intelectual property is always protected by NDA.

CAD Designs

Experience your product digitally before it even exists. Your CAD files will be formatted for prototyping and manufacturing.

Photoreal Images

Visualize your product in real world scenarios. Images & videos help share your vision with others.


Hold your idea in your hands for the first time. More than just 3D Printing, we deliver fully functional prototypes.

Manufacturing Sourcing

Secure and manage mass production capabilities. We work with domestic and foreign manufacturing, packaging, and shipping companies.

Product Launch Process

our method in 3 steps


Early investment shows your commitment to the journey ahead. Big decisions happen fast. In the end you'll have a product you can show off.


Gain future customers and investors through Kickstarter, tradeshows, and your own community. Secure the money and market support to execute your first small batch run.


Sell the product you've worked so hard create. Pull in the profits and preapre for your next big idea.


Design is elusive. You can't get it until you see it


Up-cycled Pallet Chair


Custom iPhone Case




iPhone 5 Case


Display Case Enclosures


Medical Applicator


Toy Design


CFD Simulation


Bollard = Decorative Post


Electronic Enclosure UI Lineup


Ceramic Tile




Golf Clubs


Travel Luggage


2D CAD Drawings


Plastic Toys


Wood Table Video


Plastic Toys


Plastic Toys


FEA Simulation


We take pride in your success

  • "George has been helping me create a consumer product that specializes in plastic materials for the past year and a half. During this time period, he has been nothing but helpful. Creating a new product is always a challenge, but George has personally guided me through the process of which I had no previous knowledge about. Not only have all of his milestones been met, but his service has been above and beyond anything I could have expected. I had previous experience with a mechanical engineer and the communication was absolutely terrible. However, George has been extremely open with getting in contact with. Whether it be through email or phone, he's there to answer questions and help you out. As cliche as it sounds, George was a perfect find and I'm not sure I would be at the level I am right now without him. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any other potential projects."

    - Luke O. - ILLUMICASE
  • "The 123Designs team helped me launch my first product business, Multi-Razor.com. George was able to meet my vision exactly with his computer model and then mailed me a prototype. They got my manufacturing done with a tight budget, and now that it's selling well we are developing a second new product together. Call them on the phone, and you'll be answered by a talented and professional team."

    - Javis K. - MultiRazor
  • "Cookie was a great guy to work with, he is very good at his work and I would highly recommend 123DESIGNS to any one. Thanks"

    - James S. - SHUG
  • "George helped bring to fruition my ideas and initial concepts for a convertible heel. He was/is very thoughtful, patient, professional and creative - always offering great ideas for how we could improve our design while still making it optimal for manufacturing in the future. He is also very personable, making it a breeze to work with him."

    - Aashika D. - Breaking Heels
  • "I paid George to spend one hour reviewing my idea and estimating a manufacturing budget. He was able to quickly ballpark the budget, and even provided suggestions to improve the idea. What most impressed me is that the conversation ended with me knowing what to do next, and not needing to pay anyone else to do it."

    - Jacob C. -
  • "After interviewing 5 other product engineers I felt the most comfortable with George. Having formally working for Autodesk I felt was a plus. George went above and beyond what he said he would do. He was easy to work with and the process was actually fun!"

    - Troy D. -
  • "123Designs has excellent professionalism and thorough knowledge of product rendition and CAD tools used for product design. I am already working on 2nd project with them and wish to continue to work with them. George is extremely responsive to, emails, video Skype, phone and makes it very easy to work and collaborate."

    - Avi S. -
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