Why cheap plastic is so expensive: Infographic

January 18, 2015 - Plastics
Why cheap plastic is so expensive: Infographic

The upfront costs of making a cheap plastic product often comes as a bit of a shock to new product developers.  The basic reason for this is that steel is expensive, especially the high quality steel used in plastic injection molding machines.  The metal mold tool used to make inexpensive cell phone cases can cost more (and contain more steel) than a car.


As production volume rises, so do upfront tooling costs. More investment in your injection molding tooling yields decreased cost per unit, and higher volumes.



123D_Tooling Cost Infographic

Budgetary manufacturing costs of a plastic cell phone case created this infographic because most clients find the costs of true mass production daunting, yet attainable with proper business planning.  We want inventors to understand the real costs of bringing a new plastic product to market, and why fundraising is such an important part.


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John Raj

excellent illustration.


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